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I'm Mary, an International Award-Winning Wedding Storyteller. Coffee, snowy days, kittens, and cosy outfits are some of my favourite things. My car is my personal concert stage, where I sing along to tunes whenever I'm on the road. The most perfect days are the ones that leave you with aching cheeks from endless smiles! As a side note, I find editing pictures quite enjoyable, especially when accompanied by entertaining podcasts. I'm truly delighted that you've come across my work!

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Storytelling - Sentimental - Fun

Stories, feelings, and memories are the essence of photography. Each picture freezes a moment, a piece of our lives that we can revisit. Pictures are more than just images; they capture emotions and memories, evoking feelings long after the moment has passed.

Together, let's use photography to craft visual stories that resonate with the heart, capturing the beauty of life's moments.

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Photography SERVICES:

I. Wedding and Elopement

Contact me for your wedding day and please make sure that you include some details: Date, Location, Venue, Type of Ceremony and Number of your Guests, Hours or Days for Photography Coverage, The more detail, the better! I offer specifically photography services. I recommend videographers for your wedding day if you are interested.

II. Engagement and Couple Shooting

I take great pleasure in crafting romantic and enjoyable photographs for couples, both preceding and subsequent to their wedding day. Pre-wedding photos provide a valuable practice platform, while post-wedding photos offer an avenue for heightened creativity and unique experiences.

III. Christening, Family and Maternity Shooting

I have a real soft spot for snapping up precious family moments that overflow with unconditional love! Christenings are all about the fun and adorable moments with the littlest ones, and I must say, family sessions are an absolute delight – they're my all-time favorites, and loads of fun!

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”


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Contact me by email: marylazaridiws@gmail.com 

or via mobile and WhatsApp: +306949233773

You may leave a message here as well or DM me to my Instagram.

You can anticipate my response within 48 hours.

Please bare in mind that occasionally emails may land in the spam folder.

Thank you!

* Videography services are not included. I recommend videographers if needed.